Whether you need a drive-on bridge, a station in a remote area, or a heavy duty platform that can handle a number of high-capacity pumps, EZ Dock can configure and build the platform right for you.

  • Stable and safe—unique float technology keeps the platform stable in waves and wind. Anti-slip design means sure footing even when wet. Additional hand rails add to the security.
  • Low maintenance/high ROI—EZ Docks platforms are durable and built to last, requiring little to no maintenance.
  • Efficient—floating platform rises and falls with the water level, ensuring consistent operation.
  • EZ installation—you’ll be up and running quickly with our easy-to-install system.

Safety Built In

  • Slip-resistant surfaces won’t wear down even in heavy use, giving you sure-footing in all weather.
  • Stable surface in wind, waves, and with a whole crew aboard thanks to EZ Dock’s unique float technology.
  • Floats above freezing water so platform does not become encased in, or damaged by, ice.
  • Handrails and other safety features also available.

EZ Set Up

  • Docks and platforms are tough—but light—so they can be transported and set up quickly with no heavy equipment or large installation teams needed.
  • Modular system allows for maximum customization. Get the right dock or platform for your job.
  • Save time and money on set ups and break downs.

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Let us know what you need your dock to do, with fast installation, in stock products and lifespan that will exceed your wildest needs our dock systems are the ideal dock system.

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